SUB-LIT….art anyone?

As the Art Editor at SUB-LIT, I have two things to say. #1) Thank you for your support! #2) I would love to see MORE art submissions. I would especially love to see quality photographs of original tattoo designs, quality photos of 3-D work, photography of underground communities or events, graphic design, tattoo flash, and comics.

Submission Guidelines from our website:

We’re open to just about anything, so long as it’s good. We are especially interested in forms that aren’t often taken seriously, such as tattooing/flash, comics, etc. We especially encourage photography. Our aesthetic is edgy, but that’s certainly open to interpretation, so don’t be afraid to submit your piece. You may submit as many pieces as you like, but please confine them to a single email. Submit the artwork as a .jpg, attach a cover letter, and direct it to

Per the above posted guidelines, as well as common courtesy and common sense: Empty email with attached images = not cool. Email with no attached work and a link to a Photobucket or Flickr page with hundreds of images = not cool. Virtually empty email with only a link = very not cool.

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