Amber Nicole Brooks

I currently serve as the Nonfiction Editor of The Chattahoochee Review. My work has appeared in various literary magazines. In 2007, I won third place in the Playboy College Fiction Contest.

I’m shopping a novel…

Here’s the pitch: After the death of his father, Ashton Holgrave finds himself in a Cinderella-esque situation, isolated on his step-mother’s New England island estate, forced to work for his keep by creating fodder for the booming 1980’s music industry. Besides Ash’s servitude, several characters have dark secret histories which threaten to destroy that which they cherish most.

When Angelica’s new husband dies and leaves behind his son, Ash, she decides to use Ash’s musical talent to help mold her own son, Frederick, into a famous pop star. While managing this scheme, Angelica becomes increasingly obsessed with her late mother’s gruesome past. She becomes pre-occupied with the suspicion that her house is a sinister entity—her fears influenced by her developing belief in a hereditary curse. The hiring of a new cook brings the Greene family, with former—if secret—connections to the estate, into the fray. The cook’s domineering husband, Damon, the cook’s daughter, Brittany, and an unsuspecting middle school principal get tangled in the conflicts, some of which originated decades ago. In the novel, questions of murder, theft, paternity, fidelity, and incest threaten to destroy relationships and individuals. The drama unfolds on an affluent New England island, often within the isolation of this peculiar estate, with the glittery and alluring 1980s music industry as the backdrop. This spare and elegant 60,000 word tragedy examines the darkness of the human condition in a modern Gothic setting.


Among other things, my present research interests include boxing, representations of female pain, melancholy, popular culture, silences, time, memory, and happiness; I’m working on a collection of essays exploring these themes.

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