Amber Nicole Brooks currently serves as the Nonfiction Editor of The Chattahoochee Review.

Her work has appeared in various literary journals and online magazines. Print journals include Five Points, Orange Coast Review, Southeast Review, Arkansas Review, among others. In 2007, she won third place in the Playboy College Fiction Contest.

Selected Online Publications

“I Believe Love is Largely an Act of Imagination.” The Establishment

“Mark Pendergrast’s City on the Verge Examines Atlanta’s, and America’s, Urban Future.” ArtsATL

“What It Was Like Working for a Billion-Dollar Sham.” Refinery29

“Imprint.” Jellyfish Review

Last Mass by Jamie Iredell.” The Collagist

“Eve Ensler’s In the Body of the World.” The Hooch

The Home Place by J. Drew Lanham.” The Collagist

“A Conversation with Gregg Murray, Editor-In-Chief of Atlanta’s Muse /A.” ArtsATL



Editor, Essayist, Storyteller