Seen and Heard

Where in the world was I when Nick Cave was putting out so much good stuff? Hmmm? I don’t know. But I love him! The many minutes of “Bring it On” are incredible. I suppose it could take a lifetime to study the whole discography.

We finally saw Sweeney Todd. It was AMAZING: a fantastic and beautiful piece of art. I won’t try to summarize all the ways in which it is wonderful. Flannery O’Connor says something along the lines of If someone asks you what a story is about, the only appropriate response is to tell them to read it. I will say, go watch it. I want Mrs. Lovett’s (Helena Bonham Carter’s) dresses, desperately. They are all beautiful black lace and shiny rags and corsets–oh!


Don’t you want those dresses? Now I’m going to go upstairs to hack an old prom dress; it’s gunmetal gray with a corset…all I need is some black lace.

Hellboy 2 was all right. Maybe this is one for the teenage boys. It was a feel-good super hero movie with lots of flashy scenes and sub-par jokes. Despite all the violence and explosions, it’s one of those movies during which I could not perceive of there being any real danger (psychological or physical) to any of the characters, which makes me think So what?  Moving on: the first time I saw For Your Consideration I laughed a lot (though it wasn’t as great as Best in Show), but this time I fell asleep.

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  1. Sigh! Looooves me some Tim Burton. I agree — this one was so great. (My favorite costume was Johnny Depp’s striped bathing suit. HA!)

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