Don’t Tell Me How to Think

The fault is not in our stars

I went to a Banned Book website to pick which book I wanted to read during Banned Books Week, a site that, for me, is so high in comedic value.  Charlotte’s Web is on there?  It’s such a wonderful, sweet book that teaches kids about the power of friendship and helps them understand death.  Who could possibly not want their children to read that?  Oh, I see.  The people who complain that talking animals are blasphemous.  Sigh.

I realize I will never understand the Religious Right, but perhaps I can give them some perspective:  It’s MAKE BELIEVE!  It’s FICTION!  Animals don’t really talk.  Nor have the ability to be blasphemous.

Do they never let their children near any book that has talking animals in it?  It seems to me that three-quarters of picture books we read to our children before they are old enough to read for themselves have talking…

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