10 Reasons Why Cormac McCarthy Is A Badass

Thought Catalog

Cormac McCarthy is one of our greatest living American novelists. Author of Blood Meridian, All the Pretty Horses, No Country for Old Men, and The Road (which won the Pulitzer Prize), McCarthy is a poetic storyteller whose challenging novels explore themes of violence, good and evil, and human survival. Although he’s definitely not everyone’s taste (several of my friends positively loathe him), I personally think the guy is a literary badass. Here are 10 reasons why I do.

1. McCarthy isn’t afraid of delving into the dark side of America. From the violence of America’s westward expansion (Blood Meridian), to our present-day capacity for bloodshed (No Country), to the possibility of a post-apocalyptic future (The Road), McCarthy’s novels take a decidedly dark and pessimistic view of American life. There are no whitewashed mythologies of American exceptionalism and goodness in his books…

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