Being open to other perspectives in storytelling

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I posted a Ted talk video not too long ago about the danger of the single story – a video that effected me greatly.  Accepting only one perspective of a story limits our views and understanding of a person, culture and our world.  To walk a path of only one perspective and not allow the colours of others to enter our awareness allows for the seeds of stereotypes and narrow-minded labels to take root in our mind.

Gracie Jin wrote an article about author Bill Cheng’s novel Southern Cross the Dog and how the attention for this book is not coming from the amazing writing or story that is within, but because he is a Chinese-American man writing about the American south (specifically Mississippi); a place he’s never been (till now of course).  I conducted a search of book reviews for Cheng’s novel to see if this was the case.  Yes, there are reviews that question the authenticity of his novel because when he wrote it, he had…

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