Favorite Collections of Collections (of Stories)

Near 700 pages, The Stories of John Cheever is the latest collection of story collections I have acquired, albeit on loan from the local library. This volume begins with “Goodbye, My Brother” and ends with “The Jewels of the Cabots.” It is organized chronologically–in the order the stories were written. This differs from some other collections that simply take the original short story collections, as titled, and place them next to one another in the book, maintaining the original story order within each section–Eudora Welty’s Stories, Essay, Memoir comes to mind.

Below is a list of my favorite hefty collections. What are yours?

2 thoughts on “Favorite Collections of Collections (of Stories)

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  1. The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson occupies a sizable space on my shelf. It contains some 1700 poems. I can usually 5 or 10 at a sitting and then have to put it away before my mind gets completely blown.

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