Monday Funnies

We’d love to have a semimonthly Monday Funnies post, but we need the help of the Bookbilly community. In the comments section, please let us know: Where do you peruse literary humor, whether it be cartoons, commentary, satire, or parody?

For our inaugural Monday Funnies post, first check out Man Martin’s Author HottiesMan Martin has published Days of the Endless Corvette, Paradise Dogs, and Scoring Bertram Wiggly.

At Biblio Buffet, you can find a list of Literary Humor & Games.

According to The Onion, Court Orders to Adopt Bankrupt Bookstores’ Cats.

Enjoy Open Letters at McSweeney’s.

Thinkgeek has some wonderful parodies for purchase. Goodnight Moon was certainly a favorite in our house, so I find Goodnight iPad especially amusing.

4 thoughts on “Monday Funnies

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    1. Thanks, Lydia! I’ll check those out for sure. You win a prize! Your comment was the first ever to be held for “moderation.” I guess the computer finds “funny as hell” to be naughty.

      1. Ha ha! I need moderation wherever I can get it. Btw, I once had a lengthy email conversation with a professor about the use of “ha ha.” In the end, I just can’t find anything better.

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