Miscellany: Part One

When I heard this story on NPR my impulse was to go and immediately order a set of the last print edition of Encyclopedia Britannica; many folks had the same idea. I thought better of it, and we’ll keep our sub-par set of Grolier Encylcopedias from the early ’90s. It’s kind of sad though. I find myself, too often, explaining to people in their twenties how to use an index.

Every wondered how old books get that old-book book smell? Your question is answered.

Are you a writer who could benefit from the Rejection Generator?

The creators of the Rejection Generator recommend using it regularly to maintain a high RI, or rejection immunity.

You may choose a flavor of rejection: The Southern Gentleman, Big Chakra Dosing Agent, etc.

And lastly, some clarification of who is at fault for the lack of a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction this time around. I feel terrible for the nominees, not to mention Maureen Corrgian, Susan Larson, and Michael Cunningham, who did all the footwork.


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    1. Interesting article–I get that point of view. For me, this is all about nostalgia. Nostalgia for having to flip through the pages of an encyclopedia in elementary school for a report, and then stumbling across something else fascinating. Nostalgia for having to later sit in the reference section of a library with a stack of index cards and coins for the copier.

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