Letters to the Weekend

Flight of the Conchords: You rock my world. Where have you been? Oh, I love you Netflix, for your spot on recommendation. And, Stephanie and Adam, if you are reading this, I know you recommended these dudes too!–but I failed to make the connection until Matt told me so. But now I know. Everyone: rent season one.

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay: You were a waste of time, I’m afraid. I was disappointed in you. You could have done better.

El Tesoro: You have such a nice little location in that old house where the Decatur Jake’s Ice Cream used to be, next to Twain’s. I was going to eat at Twain’s, but then I saw you. Your tomatillo salsa is delicious. Your tacos are wonderful, especially the three mushroom kind. Your vegan chipotle tacos are impressive by their mere existence.

Taj Majal Imports: I finally came to you, after recommendations by friends years ago. You have the best deal on authentic nag champa in the whole city. I bought the last 12 pack box you had. I will be coming back.

White Oleander: You are the best juicy escapist novel I’ve read in a while. I know a good friend gave you to me, probably years ago, and you sat on a shelf with all the other unread orphans. BUT, I love you now that I know you, now that I finally took the time. Dear reader, if you gave me this wonderful book, do speak up.

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  1. Hey Amber!!
    I recommended “Son of Rambow” numerous times to my mother before she finally gave in and rented it. She loved it but I’m not sure if she loved it just as much as I did. I thought it was awesome. Then, she told me about your blog and that you had seen it and loved it too. I discovered we have very similar opinions of some of the movies/shows that you have seen – must be in our genes or something. Also, I enjoyed reading about motherhood and Keegan’s quotes, I could do it all day. I really like your blog. It is rare that I can read something and agree with or be so intrigued that I want to keep reading but that is how I felt with your web-page, I just wanted to keep reading. Anyway, I just wanted to say “hi” and that I enjoy your blog….
    Love you, Brooke

    1. Thanks for writing, Brooke! It’s great to hear from you. Keep coming back for more; hopefully, I’ll be posting more frequently. Have a great holiday. love, Amber

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