News for a Week

I’m heading on a trip to Boston with my partner, Matt. (Anyone see that no-hitter last night?) Two of our friends are getting married; I can’t wait to see the city. I’ve been there once before, for two nights in college. It was an abbreviated trip. I’m looking forward to filling in the gaps, especially with a native as a tour guide. I won’t be blogging while gone, so I thought I’d leave you with some news for the week.

1) I love my neighborhood. I love being able to walk to the coffee shop, the grocery store, and restaurants. I love that the other night our waiter at the next-door-Mexican restaurant turned out to be the Awesome Baton Twirler who practices in the empty parking lot across the street. Who knew?

2) A great local band (made up of great folks), The Skylarks, is playing at Blind Willies (a great blues bar) on Tuesday May 27th.

3) A friend of mine in Asheville is part of Lewis. Stephanie blogs about their latest show.

4) Did you check out Rocksploitation from my earlier post? Hmmm? They’re playing Friday May 23rd at Smith’s Olde Bar as part of the Bob Dylan Tribute. Go support the Lelands!

5) Oh, yes, books. I finished reading The Sound and the Fury. Having read my share of Faulkner, somehow each new Faulkner novel becomes my favorite work of his. The last one I read was Go Down, Moses. What I love is how the story, the truth in his work, can be so raw and real while the prose so beautiful. Talk about layers. Anyway, I like how The Sound and the Fury is divided into four distinct sections, each having a clear point of view. And then there’s Caddy, who isn’t given a voice. Caddy is such a mythical character: the one who got away. Is it me, or is it often only the women (In Faulkner) who are able to escape the crumbling family aristocracy and get out? Of course, Caddy’s escape results in her banishment. Others seek death as escape, and others exist in anger and resentment….perhaps more on this later. Next in line (I’m trying to catch up on reading for exams in the fall) is James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

6) I almost forgot. PUKACORN is coming soon.

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