I stand corrected

I will be corrected for years to come.

 I took Keegan to The Schoolbox this week. It’s a neat school supply store with all sorts of things. We weren’t looking for anything in particular, but ended up picking out three maps: the United States, the World, the constellations. They laminate in-store, while you wait, so that was nice. In the store, he pointed at Antarctica on the world map and said, “This place is ice.” He’s three. He got very upset that Texas, on the US map, was blue. It is red on his map at school. He really wanted it to be red, which would be ironic if he had any idea of politics; the blue was wrong. This discrepancy in state colors continued. He knew where Georgia was. It wasn’t the right color.

In the car, I tried to explain constellations. I talked about stars, how they looked like dots, how people imagined making pictures by connecting the dots. I said people imagined pictures of animals and people doing things. He yelled, “And cups. There’s the cups.” He had to be talking about the Big Dipper and Little Dipper, right? Yes, I had forgotten those. Yes, cups, the cups. Kind of like ladles, or cups with handles. We also picked up Tangrams, which I used to be a complete whiz at in elementary school. Now, I feel like an idiot.

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