Keegan Quotes

“Here’s some fish. It came from an old headache. It’s a big fat purple fish.” [Holding a wad of purple Play-Do]

[whispering in my ear] “Tyson puts his thumb in his mouth. He has a backpack with cars on it.”

[seriously] “Mommy, put this band-aid on your arm fur.” [Thanks, kiddo.]

[triumphantly] “This. This is my treasure chest!” [carting an empty Beast Light box he stuffed with curtain tie backs]

“Christmas trees are GREEN!” [I tried to have us buy a sparkly aqua one. We got a sparkly green one instead.]

“Cows make milk.” [Me: “Yes, and butter and cheese are made from…”] “NO! Goats make butter, and they carry it to the store. CHICKENS make the cheese.”[looking at me like I’m sooo out of the loop]

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