SUB-LIT Issue 3: The Art

Dear SUB-LIT readers,


A few words on the art in issue three:

Kimy Martinez’s paintings from her Seizing Me collection are images created for an independent film: Seizing Me, a psychological thriller.  The “Seizing Me, Razor,” “Seizing Me, Buckle,” and “Seizing Me, Key” are realistic images with a distinct style: extreme lights and extreme darks are juxtaposed in a way to make the realistic subject matter almost more real, more present, more startling. The images command a presence, demand attention, creating a feeling of edginess, an edginess mirrored in the actions and gestures of the female figure.

Amy Johnson’s images may at first appear deceptively simple, but her paintings are jarring in their outward expression; “Been there done that” is a subversive, comic gesture toward a archetypal image and theme. Johnson has a knack for reworking traditional motifs into something engaging. Her work is deceptively playful; the play is doing directive work on the viewer, if you look closely.

H.L. Groen’s “Kinnari” is striking in its implications, the blending of woman and bird; Groen’s painting, with its bold colors and strong profile, stands confident. The image of the Kinnari, though solitary, points forward and backward to a large body of religious and mythological writings. Groen’s representation of woman sums up the selections I’ve made for this issue, representations of the world as painted by women.

Although I in no way sought out the theme of women and painting, the selections I was left mulling over at the end of the reading period happened to all be works of the same medium, and the artists happened to all be women.  A theme, not preconceived, emerged for this issue. I hope you enjoy the selections.

And don’t forget to send me your art. I’d love to see more photography. Spread the word.


Amber Nicole Brooks

Art Editor, SUB-LIT

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