Got some art? Photography?

If you haven’t listened to me about this yet, now is the time to finally go check out SUB-LIT

Art: We’re open to just about anything, so long as it’s good. We are especially interested in forms that aren’t often taken “seriously,” such as tattooing/flash, comics, etc. We especially encourage photography. Our aesthetic is “edgy,” but that’s certainly open to interpretation, so don’t be afraid to submit your piece. You may submit as many pieces as you like, but please confine them to a single email. Submit the artwork as a .jpg, attach a cover letter, and direct it to

Q : What publication rights do you assume?

Artists: we assume the right to archive your work on our website. We don’t mind if it exists in other online formats, but try not to send us stuff that’s plastered all over the internet.

Gain some exposure. Be part of something larger.

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