Playboy, baby

I’ve heard all the jokes. My partner is in Playboy. Hey, saw you in Playboy. These are misleading quips, but fantastic too. The October issue of Playboy lists the winners of the 2007 Playboy College Fiction Contest. You can read the first place story, “Lizard Man” by David James Poissant, online or in the hardcopy of the October issue. At the end of the story you’ll see my name listed as a third place winner–woo! I’m still waiting to get my issue in the mail. And to all of you writers out there, there’s a link at the end of the story to guidelines for the 2008 contest.

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  1. Hey!
    Thanks for reading the story! It’s great sharing page space with you, and I’m only sorry they didn’t publish all four of us.
    All best,
    Jamie Poissant

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