The Eudora Welty Project

Check out the Eudora Welty Project at Georgia State University: January 15-March 1, 2007

The Eudora Welty Project honors the late Southern author and observes the 10th anniversary of GSU’s literary journal Five Points with two simultaneous exhibitions organized by Welch School faculty member Teresa Bramlette Reeves and gallery director Cathy Byrd. Petrified Man displays our Welch School faculty’s artistic response to a Welty short story. One Writer’s Art presents photography and writing by Welty.

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  1. I met EUDORA WELTY at the Biltmore in Atlanta in July ’57. The bar was full of sweaty salesmen and me and my husband Buddy (died in ’58) had already had two or three beers when she came in and walked clear to the end of the bar looking for a seat. Not one salesman offered his stool to her. Since she was a tall woman, she just looked of the head of a man and shouted, “whiskey.” The bar tender jumped and everything was silent for a split-second. Buddy jumped up and offered her a seat in our booth but I told him she could fend for herself. She sat down, and Buddy and I never had a moment of peace after that, with Ms. Welty asking us about everything under the sun in Atlanta. Turned out she was there to attend a funeral. She never bought anyone a drink in THAT bar.

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