The Gift of Books

You shouldn’t underestimate the value of an Amazon wishlist–you’ll get what you want. I’m not one of those folks that obsessively updates or tweaks the selection of books on my wish list (out of sight, out of mind), so every Christmas I’m initally surprised by the perfect but unexpected books I receive from relatives. You read my mind, I think. No, it was the vast and glorious Amazon wishlist, with which we can thrust our desires out into the world, forming the simulacrum of an intimate conversation with others. The first thing I thought upon opening a pristine copy of Booth’s The Rhetoric of Fiction from the in-laws was Great! Then How? Then Oh yeah; cool.

Books I received for Christmas:

Books Mr. Ambergeek received:

Books the progeny received:

 Can I get a side of free time with those books?

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Books

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  1. Amber, have I told you yet that you’ve got to go to your library & check out So Sleepy Story for Keegan? It’s by Uri Shulevitz (Caldecott winner), and it’s the smoothest bedtime story written since Goodnight Moon. Definitely my favorite picture book published last year. Lots of starred reviews & everything. And if you still haven’t checked out Mo Willems yet, holy crap, you must. Pigeon rules! Hope you had a nice Christmas & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. I’ve read Eagleton’s Literary Theory: An Introduction twice before. It’s great but challenging, especially if you’ve never taken a course in literary theory or history of theory. Since we all have to read it I should get a group together and we’ll all read it at the same time to discuss and work on it.

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