The Graphic Issue

The 29th issue of Tin House came in the mail the other day, and all I can say is Wow, just wow.  It’s subtitled “The Graphic Issue,” and that’s absolutely what it is. There are excerpts from graphic novels, a graphic essay, and get this, the forward from Gravity’s Rainbow Illustrated.  That’s right, somebody illustrated every page of that book.  I have to admit I haven’t finished Gravity’s Rainbow after a number of years, but I love Pynchon none-the-less; The Crying of Lot 49 was awesome. So, who would do such a thing?  From the “Editor’s Note” of issue 29:

Zak Smith contributed some of his pen-and-ink drawings from his awe-inspiring project, Gravity’s Rainbow Illustrated, in which the Ivy League artist/punk porn star matched all 760 pages of Pynchon’s classic, image-for-page.

Punk porn star! In the forward to Gravity’s Rainbow Illustrated you’ll encounter a pornographer with a muted post horn tattoo, and another pornographer named Benny Profane.  What’s the porn-Pynchon connection? Check it out.

ETA: the illustrations online….thanks davidbdale for the link!

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