The Killer Year

 I came across the Killer Year website, and it looks pretty cool.  I love to hear about writers and others in the publishing world coming together to create new communities.  Novels don’t exist in a vacuum and neither do debut novelists.

Killer Year is an elite society of debut mystery and thriller writers. The purpose of Killer Year is to further the writing, publishing, and marketing goals of the 15 members by providing an interactive community with potential readers, buyers, reviewers and publishing professionals.

Appropriate to the site name, all the members of the group have books upcoming in 2007, the Killer Year. The group also has a myspace page, where you can get lost surfing through the various writer’s personal profiles which are on the Killer Year friends list.  It’s more interesting than the usual myspace procrastination, so, even if you’re at work, it’s a Friday, go check it out.  From Killer Year member Derek Nikitas’ page, about his upcoming novel, Pyres:

When a folklore professor is shot dead in his car, the crime smashes together the lives of three disparate women: his anguished teenage daughter, a detective facing her own family’s collapse, and the pregnant former-junkie girlfriend of the killer. These three women must choose where to aim their last shots at redemption, even as they face a gang of barbaric thugs who torch homes and lives for a thrill.

How can you not want to read that? Murder and anguish and thugs! As a person who has realized the initial  manuscript of her novel is essentially plot-less (things happen, but, happening is just not the same as a classically exciting plot), a hook like this is appealing.  And it’s nice that a group has come together to give us not only murder, mystery, and intrigue, but also debuts of especially good writing.

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  1. Hey, Amber. Thanks for the shout out to Killer Year and to my silly little plot synopsis. Yeah, plot wants to rule us all, but that don’t mean it necessarily ought to. I recently read a great five-page story with no plot and it kicked ass. A bike in an elevator that has no person! The gal who wrote it ought to watch some of them French New Wave flicks if she hasn’t already.

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