New Fiction

The 20th issue of McSweeney’s is finally out.  My friend Sam has a story in issue #20, so you should buy a copy. Support the arts, people.  I think the only place you can get a copy in Atlanta is Criminal Records.  I suspect Borders and Barnes & Noble don’t want to deal with the occassional cigar box issue McSweeney’s puts out in all their glorious subversion–you know booksellers like their shelves to be just so.  (You can also get McSweeney’s here, but you should opt to support the little guy.) Sam Miller also has a story online at AGNI, available for your immediate reading pleasure.

While not able to find McSweeney’s at Borders, I did pick up the recent issue of the Believer (a McSweeney’s publication).  I thoroughly enjoyed the article ” ‘They Want Us to Look’: Finding meaning in the meaningless sex of eighties teen sex comedies.”  And there’s also an amusing account of a modern day Repo Man scavenger hunt.

Lydia Williams has a story in issue #2 of Fresh Boiled Peanuts, an up and coming publication.

Chris Bundy’s story “Morning Prayers” has been anthologized in Where Love is Found: 24 Tales of Connection.  You can read an excerpt here.

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