What’s New

Eva Longoria is going to publish an erotic novel.

Irvine Welsh has a new book coming out: The Bedroom Secrets of the Master ChefI haven’t read Trainspotting, but I recently read “Lorraine Goes to Livingston: A Rave and Regency Romance,” which is the first of three tales in Ecstasy.  It was good, fresh.  I flew through it.  It’s 72 pages and 25 chapters.  It’s a good length for the stippling effect the short chapters give the narrative.  And the short length is also good for the subject matter–it’s like a short stroll (maybe during perilous weather?), a dive into cool water.  You can’t easily get away with carrying on with things like necrophilia and bestiality for 300 pages.

Rae Meadows’ has a personal essay at Nerve: Sex in Zion: My job at an escort agency for Mormons. She was working on her MFA at the time.

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