Amber Nicole Brooks lives and writes in Decatur, GA.

As an undergraduate at Georgia Tech, receiving a co-op job offer at a Merck pharmaceutical plant accelerated Amber’s decision to abandon two years of perfectly good Chemical Engineering coursework. Besides slaving over Calculus homework, her time was spent lamenting the fact that all she wanted to do was write stories and paint pictures. Working in a plant fifty hours a week, in a plant town, was the horrifying image that made Amber stop ignoring her vocation.

Amber serves as the Nonfiction Editor of The Chattahoochee Review. Her work has appeared in The Southeast Review, The Arkansas Review, Orange Coast Review, The Eudora Welty Newsletter, among others. In 2007, Amber won third place in the Playboy College Fiction Contest. She runs Bookbilly.

Currently, she’s shopping a novel: In the novel, Ash, questions of murder, theft, paternity, fidelity, and incest threaten to destroy relationships and individuals. The drama unfolds on an affluent New England island, often within the isolation of a peculiar estate, with the glittery and alluring 1980’s music industry as the backdrop. This spare and elegant tragedy examines the darkness of the human condition in a modern Gothic setting. Among other things, her present research interests include boxing, boxing in literature, Buddhism, meditation, the creative process, neurology, food, and happiness.

Amber Nicole Brooks

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