Amber Nicole Brooks

I currently serve as the Nonfiction Editor of The Chattahoochee Review. My work has appeared in various literary magazines. In 2007, I won third place in the Playboy College Fiction Contest.

As an undergraduate at Georgia Tech, receiving a co-op job offer at a Merck pharmaceutical plant accelerated my decision to abandon two years of perfectly good Chemical Engineering coursework. Besides slaving over thermodynamics or numerical methods problems, I spent time lamenting the fact that all I wanted to do was write stories and paint pictures. Working in a plant fifty hours a week, in a plant town, was the horrifying image that made me stop ignoring my vocation.

I’m shopping a novel (novella?): In Ash, questions of murder, theft, paternity, fidelity, and incest threaten to destroy relationships and individuals. The drama unfolds on an affluent New England island, often within the isolation of a peculiar estate, with the glittery and alluring 1980’s music industry as the backdrop. This spare and elegant tragedy examines the darkness of the human condition in a modern Gothic setting. It’s a twist on the Gothic novel, embracing the tropes of such. Among other things, my present research interests include boxing, representations of female pain, melancholy, popular culture, silences, and happiness; I’m working on a collection of essays exploring these themes.

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